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About Us

The Blue Team Golf Academy.

Founded in 1991 following the entrepreneurial intuition of tree experienced golf professionals, Carlo Alberto Acutis, Alessandro Rogato e Giorgio Bordoni, the Blue Team Golf Academy reopens inspired by the same innovation that has made it unique since its debut.

After the early passing of Giorgio Bordoni and the professional evolution of Alessandro Rogato, with leading roles at federal level, today the Academy renovates under the guide of the master Carlo Alberto Acutis.

In coeherence with the key values that had inspired its foundation and with a thirty-year solid background of experiences and know how, nowadays the Academy offers a new hi-tech in-door school right in the heart of Milan, also equipped with the Quintic exclusive putting software which makes it really unique.

Moreover, the Academy capitalizes the formation and the exclusive know how of its founders and the take aways they have gained by attending clinics with some of the best golf teachers worldwide, such as Tosky, Wiren, Linskey, Leadbetter, Pelz.
And more: the founders of the Academy have also consolidated a prestigious collaboration with Hank Haney, coach of over a hundred professional golf champions, among which overlook the well renowed Tiger Woods and Mark O’Meara.

Likewise important the more recent professional achievements of Carlo Alberto Acutis at the putt school of Paul Hurrion, one of the world famous teacher, and his master at Waye Defrancesco’s School in Washington, standing out as one of the most innovative ones in the States for putt thanks to its teaching methods. The Academy staff, which also take advantages of an external professionals’ network, have been accurately selected on the basis of their excellent professional background and their on-going committment in professional training.

Already appreciated as point of excellence in the Italian and foreign golf scenery owing to its cutting edge technology and its innovative teaching methods, perfected at the Dallas’ Hank Haney Golf Ranch, the new Blue Team Golf Academy nowadays steps forward as an advanced technology school right in the heart in of Milan, also comprising an innovative Putting Analisys software.

The Putting Biomechanics Video Analysis Software enables the comprehensive monitoring of the putt.
The golfer is filmed from various angles thanks to high speed cameras which enable the evaluation of any minimal error regarding body motion in the first 16 inches of the ball after the impact to provide insights on ist quality and final output.

In the exclusive frame of its refined and conveniently fitted environment, the Blue Team Golf Academy offers to golfers of all levels innovative technology. Two bayses are dedicated to the full swing and long game, while a rich technology equipment really makes the difference for students. High resolution screens and high speeed cameras capturing golfer’s motion with real time moviola are combined with a state of the art Flightscope radar.

Thanks to these cutting edge systems, well experienced golfers will have a unique chance to perfect their technique, but also novice golfers approaching the game for the very first time will set up golf basics at their best. The graphical visualisation of any improvement and the possibility to monitor performance indexes and fact sheets, considerably fastens the golfer’s capacity to learn. A state of the art fitting equipment will also help in the making of an appropriate set of clubs.

Professionalism, energy and dinamism: these are the keywords inspiring the school, which has turned golf not only into a strong passion, but also into a full time job and a distinctive lifestyle.

Our Team

Thanks to the experience they have gained attending some of most exclusive golf clinics and classes with worldfamous masters, the Blue Team Golf Academy teachers can briliantly fulfill the most specific needs of golfers, supporting both “wanna-be-golfers“ and well experienced players wishing to perfect their tecnique with an higly tecnological approach.

Director of Instruction

Carlo Alberto Acutis.

Head Professional

Enrico Sozzani