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Our technology

The Blue Team Golf Academy: the 1st Italy In-Door Golf School with Quintic Software.

Besides its best in class technical equipment for the monitoring and analysis of the swing – such as the V-One software and the FlightScope radar – the Blue Team Golf Academy stands out in Italy as the first in-door golf school equipped with the cutting edge “Quintic Ball Roll” technology. This innovative Putting Biomechanics Video Analysis Software has been designed by Paul Hurrion to support accredited golf professionals including Rory McIlroy, Lee Westwood, Paul McGinley, David Howell, Danny Willett, Henrik Stenson.

V-One is the best software worldwide for swing analysis because it enables the full visualisation of all the aspects of the technical gesture. Thanks to the graphical representation of lines and angles, the V-One System enables the comparison between the student’s swing and the one of the most famous golf champions. Moreover, the student will be able to keep track of all his swings, thus monitoring his improvements in time. In particular, the V-One software of the Academy works in combination with exclusive hig speed cameras at 265 frames per second.

FlightScope is an innovative radar which monitors all the data related to club speed, club acceleration profile, ball speed and flight time. Among the variables monitored by the radar overlook, for example, the club face position versus the target, the speed of the ball and of the club grip, the angle of attack, the smash factor or impact effectiveness coefficient.

The Quintic Ball Roll software utilises a high-speed camera (up to 360 frames per second) tracking the golf ball for the first 40 cm after impact and shooting the body motion from different angles to evaluate the efficacy of the shot since the initial ball roll.

The software automatically keeps track of all the information regarding the putter and the ball, providing a comprehensive representation of the data, both graphically and numerically. Morevoer, thanks to a simple calibration procedure for right or left handed golfers, the Quintic software offers an absolute level of accuracy.

Golfers of all levels will take significant advantages from the Quintic sofware: for a beginner, for example, the system will be particularly beneficial for its video features, whereas for an experienced golfer, it will be a precious tool to detect the putt and the ball performance and to raise the quality of his stroke.

Some examples?

If a golfer has an inclination to miss putts on the left side from inside 3 meters, he may have a face angle issue. In other cases, the issue is only related to the golfer’s existing putter, which is not properly fitted for his stroke and that can be immediately adjusted to fulfill his needs and improve the quality of the putt.

Thanks to this innovative platform, golfers will achieve amazing improvements in the short term, getting a timely feedback on their accomplishments while monitoring their quantitative performance indexes.