Picture 1: top of the backswing. The position of the upper part of the body looks fine, right arm is aligned with shoulders, also the positions of right wrist and club face are correct (note that the back of the right hand and the club are on the same line indeed). Not as good the leg position, because the left leg is straight and doesn’t mantain the initial bend.

Picture 2: at the half downswing arms and club are both in correct stance and also the lower part of the body has recovered the initial mistake.

Picture 3: club release (post impact position). The weight has been properly redistributed on the right leg, but in the same breath there are some issues with the arms position, with the right elbow which is too far from the body, due to an early release of the leading hand – which in his case is the left one. This mistake generally results into contact issues, leading to heavy or thin shots.