Here comes the master’s secrets..

It can happen to everyone to hit a bad shot among the trees. You can sometimes find a way out, but normally trunks and branches restrains a complete swing and you just have to resign to drop the ball or to chip it out and go ahead in the game. Nevertheless, the most capable golfers can recognise an opportunity as soon as it comes forward.

With low branches, for example, you can adapt your stance widening your feet to turn your barycenter down and holding the golf club at the end of the grip (picture). This trick will remarkably reduce the width of backswing, thus enabling a complete body motion thanks to which you will achieve a convenient distance and avoid to lose a precious stroke. Herewith come the examples of the two stances (normal and with low grip), so that you can compare them and better understand the two different approaches. Try to remember this precious suggestions and you will see that it will be much easier to get rid of these bothersome inconvenients.