How to choose the right iron for your swing.
Thanks to the analysis of technical experts and to the support of increasingly sophisticated tools able to track each minimum phase of the ball roll, its characteristics and golfer’s attitude (physical training, swing speed, etc.), it’s possibile to highlight the technical specs of the clubs to include in the golf bag to make your swing more effective.

In a single club fitting session, clubs will be tested and chosen on the base of all the variables, such as shaft variables (flacks, torque, weight, etc), club head variables, etc.

Once the most suitable clubs have been identified and selected, then will come the time you will find yourself alone standing in front of the ball and you will have to trust your swing. The swing generally remains the same, irrespective of the club, but when it comes to driver, tricks and tips may be really useful.

Which are the things to know, what do we have to do to achieve the best tee shot with our driver?
There are some golden rules to stay true to fort he drive, starting from the set up: the perfect ball position corresponds to left heel (Picture 1a) and the body weight should be distributed slightly on the right in comparison to a fairway shot because the upper body should be bent slightly on the right (Picture 1b)

This will help to hit the ball with an ascending angle of club head (always keeping in mind that the ball is supported by tee) which improves contact and distance.

It looks rather simple but once you have hit the ball, it may happen that it goes along unexpected trajectories, as in the case of „slice“, one of the worst nightmares for golfers. Which kind of suggestions we can give you?

Here come some valuable advice. A good exercise to reduce the slice consists in hitting shots with the drive without breaking or moving the tee from the grass (Picture 2a and 2b). If you break a tee at each shot you are probably descending on a too vertical angle which will in most cases cause a slice.

Another very effective exercise to improve one’s performance outright with the drive consists in placing a box out of the target line (Picture 3) and trying not to hit it during the impact (Picture 3b, 3c and 3d). An additional suggestion for players suffering from the „slice syndrome“ is to turn one’s hands in clockwise direction (Picture 4) which means using a grip stronger than normal to help the closing of club head through the impact.

Another key position to check is the one of the left hand and wrist at the top of the backswing. If it’s convex (Picture 5) the ball will be very likely to spin on the right, while if it’s in line with the left forearm (Picture 6), you will hit much straighter shots.