One of the stepping stones of an excellent putting is a correct stance, which will be easier to achieve with the help of a mirror.

Two crucial aspects to check are related to the eye vertical line and to the alignment of the shaft. To easily define the eye position versus the line of stroke take your usual stance and then rip off your left hand from the grip. Then seize in your hand the ball you‘ll have previously placed in your pocket without moving.

Leave the ball fall down from your left eye (Picture 1) and see where it fails. You will only have tree different alternatives: beyond the target line, on the target line or between the ball and your feet, within the target line.

Please also note that contrary to what is commonly taken as correct, it’s not always true that keeping the eyeline above the target line is the ideal position. For many golfers is preferable keeping a position slightly within the target line – within the ball and the feet – in order to improve their shot.

The best way to fix your ideal set up is to use a laser to see from which perspective your shot can more accurate and consequently adjust your position.

You can take the distance or get closer to adjust chest inclination till the right point. Repeat this exercise as often as you can and you will feel better and better, till you’ll really feel comfortable in the correct position. With a mirror by your side (on the right side) check that, once that you are in the correct stance, your right forearm is on the same inclination of the shaft (picture 4). If it is not, adjust your hands position raising or lowering them.

Another useful trick is to provide oneself with an indoor putt carpet (also a low moquette) and learn to control the ball roll. Place a practice stripped ball in the direction of the stroke line (picture 5), and then hit the putt so that the ball will roll on its axis. If the ball is not properly hit, the strip won’t remain straight during the putt, because it will be partially affected by side-spin on right or left side. This exercise will enable you to get an immediate feedback and is really useful.