The importance of training.

By the ever increasing number of victories starring athletes in international competition, they can certainly say that golf has turned the page, changing its reputation from the one of a talent driven sport into one in which the physical-athletical aspect plays a defining role.

These suggestions are for the ones who wish to achieve and mantain excellent performance in golf not only for a single tournament, but for the whole season. No need to emulate great champions, but to make the most of your swing, my advice is to opt for an on-going physical training, winning over laziness and subscribing to a gym where you’ll have the chance to work out at least 3 hours weekly and where, in a couple of months, you’ll probably reach your desired goals.

Start by saying that chosing a personal trainer and follow a personalised programme is by far the best solution, I am convinced that the perfect match for everyone comprises aerobics, stretching and articular work out.
Aerobic agility is the key to avoid feeling tired when facing the final holes of each round. You will improve your endurance whith running, walking uphills, doing cyclette or cross training (Picture 10 and 11). Start with 20 minutes and then try to increase the level of difficulty and the duration till 50 or 60 minutes. In this way you will improve your resistance and will feel more clear headed till the end of the round.

Enhance articular agility by specific work outs results into a broader and consequently faster swing, which will make your shots longer (Picture 12 and 13). Among the various exercises I propose, there is one I particularly recommend: swing with a heavy bar or with a heavy ball (Picture 14 and 15). This exercise will help you to stay always active, while strengthening the muscles essential for movement.